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The Inotel Five stage Integrated Protection Modules (IPM) is used as a primary protection device against surges, short circuits, lightening etc in telephone distribution. The IPM is the first defence against these probable causes of damaging events.

Technical Specification for Stage V, INOTEL IPM

Single pair IPM with Primary and Secondary Protection directly mountable on 10 pair disconnection module.
5 stage is with both Common and Differential mode protection.
Plastic body FR Grade high quality material
Response time 1 nanosecond
Impulse spark over voltag 900 V at 1KV/u sec
Let through Voltage at 2K 160V-170V (L-L,L-E)
3 Pole GDT for over voltage protection available
Nominal Current 0 mA at 25 C
Insertion 0.4db
Overload protection through 2xPTCs available
Operating temperat to +70 degree C
DC spark over Voltage V ± 15 to 20%
IPM working/faulty analysis through LED indication
Nominal Discharge Current per line 0 KA, 8/20us
Humidity % non-condensing

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